About Us

Get to Know us Better

For years, each of our team members here at ActiveChase worked for other website design and development companies.We honed our skills, learned our craft well and began to notice changes in our former employers’ mission. As acquaintances, we would share a cup of coffee and vent about our frustrations. At some point, we toyed with the idea that someday we would get together and start our own company. Our someday arrived!

Using our collective savings to invest in this company, we have some of the best marketing, development and coding experts in the business at your disposal. We are proud of our achievements in the internet industry. We are excited about our mission, our work ethic and our promise to you.

Our Mission

The chief complaint that each of had with our former companies involved the changes that they made in valuing our clients. Our primary focus is:

Clients are Number One

Clients needs are Number Two

Clients’ customers are Number Three

Having been on the receiving end of poor client relationships, we know how it feels to be ignored when we have an issue that we cannot resolve alone.

Our Work Ethic

You and your business needs are always in the forefront of our activity. Completing your assignments on time is critical to you.

Taking Responsibility for our products and services

Building a Trusted Relationship through assigned managers

Integrity in all our transactions with you

Offering you the best products, writing the best codes that makes you more easily accessible to your customers and assigning a personal manager to handle your account is where we begin.

Our Promise to You

Our promises are built on the foundation of putting you first. As experts in internet marketing, design and development, we are qualified to solve problems in this area. We don’t expect our clients to comprehend the complexities that are involved in website development or internet marketing. Likewise, we know our limits and value your expertise in your own industry.

We would love to speak with you in person about taking you to the next level.

We listen to what you have to say and are willing to implement your ideas in the best possible way for you to achieve your goals.

Our team has the ability to write content, create video seminars or product introductions, and optimize every corner of your website.

We will help you select the most effective means of getting your name in front of potential customers.

We will design websites, apps and Ecommerce stores that are easy for your customers to navigate.

Call us at 866-438-4471 to experience the personalized service we promise.