Internet Marketing

Dedicated Online Marketing!

Internet marketing for small business is critical for competing with big box stores and global corporations. The need to create a strong brand and brand loyalty is an essential ingredient for your business to thrive. Throwing everything at the wall and hoping something sticks is a costly way to compete. Choosing specific approaches and strategies to connect with potential customers is how dedicated online marketing is defined. Ways of connecting with potential customers have changed dramatically in the last five years. ActiveChase constantly studies what is working and what is not so you’re always a step ahead of your competition.

Internet Marketing

Similar to brick-and-mortar marketing, the need to keep your name in your customer’s mind is important.

What has changed is the way that this is accomplished.

QR coding and placement

For instant offers of related products or services

Mobile apps

For visual reminders of your business and eliminate search for competitors

Email branding and sales

Using mobile apps for customer only sales notices, keeping your brand in front of your customers, increase sales during low-traffic periods

We utilize our IT skills to design and develop QR codes, mobile apps, email branding and sales conversion.

SEO Web Marketing Strategies

The purpose of optimization is to let the search engines find your listing. Employing our knowledge of SEO web marketing includes the following.

Optimizing Video

Creating video optimization for YouTube, Google and Vimeo means that your video seminars, video sales presentations or video tutorials on product are found

Optimizing Images

Includes photographs, charts and icons

Optimizing for specific search

Searches such as academic, news, maps and shopping

At ActiveChase, we use innovative strategies to set your business apart from all others. We can be reached at 866-438-4471 to discuss your online marketing needs and how we can be of service to you.